Multifunction Cable Jointers Tool for Bonded Semiconducter and Insulation

EIN Alroc cablejointer 400

Sept 4, 2019

Alroc are market-leading manufacturers of cable jointing tools to ensure the accurate preparation of power cables working at Low, Medium & High Voltage.

Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF multifunction cable jointing tool is used to remove the outer bonded semi-conductor and the insulation from medium/high. 

Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF enables the MV-HV Cable Jointer to remove the bonded semiconductor

  • Bonded semicon thickness capacity 2.5mm / 0.098 in
  • Remaining length of the semicon 55mm / 2.165 in

No silicone – the ball bearings in contact with the MV-HV cable enable an easy rotation of the cable preparation and jointing tool.

Low Roughness Over Insulation
Bonded semiconductor removal – very steady (16 ball bearings rolling around the cable), shaping the cable round over the insulation , constant diameter over the insulation, prevent the blade from digging into the insulation, perform a chamfer on transition between the insulation and the semiconductor.

Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF enables the MV-HV Cable Jointer to remove the polymeric insulation (XLPE)

  • Cable insulation thickness capacity – / 1.378 in


The tool includes a function for the jointer to simply adjust the outer cable diameter for removal of cable sheath – once the cutting blade is correctly set and positioned the cable jointer rotates the tool around the MV-HV cable in a circular motion. Adjustment of the Alroc tool is simple using the back-iron for clean and consistent cutting of the power cables.

Fine adjustment of the semiconductor shaving depth is possible for precision cable engineering of the semicon cut. Similarly, adjustment of the cable cutting depth using the Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF is possible – the ball bearings can be switched to rotate statically to enable the cable jointer to create a chamfer and groove in the medium/high voltage cable insulation.

The Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF jointing tool performs an excellent semicon cut to ensure the safety and reliability of the cable joint, termination or connectors.

Alroc CAMF cable preparation tools can be split for removal by the Jointer – this is a particular benefit for the cable jointer where they solder the cable connector allowing the tool to be easily removed from the HV cable when being used to strip and prepare offshore and submarine cables prior to installing HV joints, terminations or connectors.

The ALROC CAMF440 90 tool features a push/button locking system and also facilitates the Jointer to create a groove in the XLPE insulation (with their blade option) and shave bonded semi-con screens – the tool has 16 wheels rolling against the cable with 4 (or 8) contact points. The unique design of the Alroc tool prevents the cutting blade digging into the XLPE insulation when preparing high voltage power cables with XLPE insulation.

These Jointers Tools are used typically on 132kV high voltage transmission cable circuits, in accordance with EC 60840, to prepare XLPE single core power cables for jointing and termination applications into GIS Switchgear and installation of AIS Cable Sealing Ends.

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