Sept 15, 2019

Ecogen FlatpanelThe unique internal driver and only 1.09″ thickness allow you the ability to install the LED light just about anywhere,especially for the small and confined space, including recessed,suspended surface mounted installations methods. It is available for 0-10v dimming and step dimming with maximum 7 years warranty.

EcoGEN Surface Mount LED Flat Panels are designed for installation into T-bar grid (drop) ceilings / Surface mount and for suspension. They are fully dimmable options and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers and day light harvesting systems. The LED produces even, consistent shadow-free illumination with no glare.

With a PF of 0.92, the LED Flat panel operates on 100-347V Input voltage, produced with environmentally friendly materials, with no Mercury and or hazardous materials. It offers a long potential life of 50,000 hours and backed by 7 years warranty.

Life span expectancy of 50,000 hours = 16 years @ 12 hours / Monday-Friday workday or = 7 years @24/7 usage.

The Surface Mount LED Flat Panel delivers a high lumen output and excellent colour rendering index (CRI) 85, while minimizing maintenance time and cost.

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