New Lutron LED Downlight Driver and Sequence of Operations Guide

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Dec 13, 2019

Tunable white lighting can play a role in making spaces more comfortable and flexible with light that dynamically changes its color temperature over time. The adoption of tunable white has not yet been widespread, in part due to complexity. Now, with Lutron’s new T-Series downlight driver, specifying tunable white is easier than ever.

Tunable white drivers allow users to change the look and feel of a space simply by changing the color temperature of the lighting. From warm amber tones to cooler blues, tunable white light can be programmed over time to shift color temperature throughout the day – paralleling the changes in sunlight itself. Such flexibility also empowers designers to deliver the next level of human centric design, enhancing occupant comfort and well-being, and ultimately resulting in a positive effect on people.

The downlight driver can control up to 50W and can be programmed to control fixtures that operate between 1500K and 6500K. Its addition to the previously launched linear driver expands T-Series options to almost any fixture type – offering a vibrant, human centric solution for a wide variety of architectural spaces.

In fact, the T-Series driver product family is a key part of the company’s human centric lighting philosophy, known as the Lutron HXL approach. Lutron HXL employs four elements of lighting design (quality light, natural light, connection to the outdoors, and adaptive and personalized control) that allow people to be, work and feel their best. T-Series contributes to both the quality and natural light elements of Lutron HXL.

To help designers navigate the particulars of specifying tunable white spaces, Lutron is also introducing a T-Series Sequence of Operations guide, which outlines recommended defaults, highlights custom alternatives, and provides guidance on best practices.

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