ASCO Surge Protection Makes it Easy to Monitor your Electrical System


 Jan 15, 2020

Power quality issues are much more common than most owners realize. Facilities today suffer from a myriad of power anomalies that affect the reliability of business operations. Voltage surges, sags, swells and harmonics degrade equipment and electronics over time and many of these issues are easily avoidable. ASCO Power Technologies’ Active Surge Monitor (ASM), offers voltage monitoring capabilities, coupled with industrial-strength surge protection, to help identify and track voltage related issues.

When power quality issues arise in a facility, it’s prudent to identify the type of problem so it can be effectively addressed. Power protection products, like surge protective devices (SPDs), are commonly used as an inexpensive, first line of defense. Premium SPD products also offer intuitive voltage monitoring, that can track the system voltage for anomalies, and log all measured events. The latest technologies also offer integrated email notification of these recorded voltage anomalies.

Transient overvoltage surges can damage equipment or weaken components, effectively reducing the service life of sensitive electronics. Because these surges occur and decay in microseconds, fast sampling rates are needed to capture and record events. The Active Surge Monitor measures voltage-related surge characteristics at 250,000 times per second, which. is much faster than traditional voltage monitors. This sampling rate assures highly accurate logging of critical data for surge events. The ASM also recognizes and records other voltage anomalies like sags, swells, and harmonics, to give users an accurate picture of the voltage status within their facility.

SPDs equipped with the Active Surge Monitor feature an LCD panel that displays real-time information and allows local control. Information can also be easily accessed through Ethernet or MODBUS TCP communications systems. The ASM can interface with common power and building monitoring systems too. Email capability allows for up to 3 three unique users to receive notifications when surge, or other monitored events, exceed user-specified threshold values. The ASM logs historic data for up to 2,000 events, including dates, times, and measured voltage characteristics.

The Active Surge Monitor is available on ASCO’s Model 440Model 445Model 460and Model 465 surge protective devices. This video further illustrates the features and benefits of SPDs with ASM

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