Schneider Electric Introduces Breakthrough in Electrical Workplace Safety with ArcBlok

EIN ArcBlok SE 400

Jan 16, 2020

Schneider Electric’s Square D brand has announced that its patented arc flash mitigation technology, ArcBlok is now available across Canada, for Model 6 Motor Control Centers. ArcBlok is simple, effective and offers a breakthrough safety measure to protect electrical workers and equipment.

“Arc flash events can be devastating. They put workers in danger, can damage equipment and cause costly downtime across industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, where downtime is not an option,” said Guy Lachance, Marketing Director, Power Products at Schneider Electric Canada. “It’s challenging to effectively mitigate electrical risks, so by using ArcBlok™ technology in new installations, or retrofitting older equipment, the chance of an arc flash occurring is reduced, and in the event they do occur, they are contained to protect the workers and the equipment.”

While today’s safety policies and precautionary measures are effective, arc flashes remain a notable hazard in the workplace. To address this, Schneider Electric’s ArcBlok utilizes digital thermal sensors and Zigbee communications protocols for enhanced control and system visibility. This offers additional control to monitor ArcBlok enabled Motor Control Centers remotely through solutions like Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure system. Temperatures can be measured with mobile devices using Near Field Communication tags, reducing reliance on personal protection equipment and administrative controls.

Schneider Electric’s Model 6 Motor Control Center with ArcBlok technology is tested to IEEE/ANSI C37.20.7 requirements. Once installed, the system mitigates the chance for an arc flash event, and if an event occurs, the resulting arc energy is contained in reinforced structures, rated for fault current at 100 kA at 480V and 50kA at 600V.

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