Emerson’s WiFi Thermostat Offers Remote Control of Floor Warming Systems From Mobile Devices

February 3, 2020

Emerson today introduced the Warm Tiles designed to control in-floor heating systems easily and economically, including a WiFi-enabled version that gives consumers remote access to their system from a mobile device or web browser.

While smart thermostats are compatible with most residential or commercial HVAC devices, they are not for use with electrical floor warming systems, leaving consumers to grapple with the limited capabilities of outdated controllers. The Warm Tiles ESW ColorTouch wireless thermostat model allows consumers to remotely program their floor’s temperature to set their floor warming preferences at any time, whether for a few hours, a few days, a vacation or permanently. It connects instantly to any standard WiFi without a hub. A downloadable mobile application lets users monitor and precisely control any Warm Tiles floor warming system from an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, or on a PC via the Warm Tiles web portal. 

Acting as miniature energy management systems, ColorTouch thermostats offer data useful in managing home energy budgets. It can track power consumption with an energy log that graphically displays data from the past 24 hours, seven days or last 12 months. It can calculate the exact cost of electricity for any of those time frames. An open window function prevents energy from being wasted by detecting a rapid drop in temperature and shutting off heating for 30 minutes.

New Warm Tiles ColorTouch thermostats come in two models: the ESW ColorTouch wireless thermostat and the standard ES ColorTouch thermostat. Both monitor and regulate Warm Tiles DFT, DMC, SAM, and WTE floor warming systems, as well as 120/240V systems from other leading manufacturers. An integral relay switch offers universal compatibility with commercially available floor heating sensors, while the ColorTouch Setup Wizard accelerates installations with step-by-step instructions. Whatever the flooring material – ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, granite, stone, laminate, or LVT tiles – the new thermostats achieve the desired temperature for total comfort.

Both the ColorTouch ESW and ES have a 3.5-inch backlit touchscreen that provides excellent readability in challenging lighting environments. A self-learning adaptive function automatically changes heating start times to ensure that the required temperature has been reached at the beginning of a specific event. After a few days, it re-calculates how much earlier the heating must be switched on to achieve the desired temperature at just the right time.


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