New Fifth Generation EMC Cable Gland Joins Accessory Portfolio

February 10, 2020

HELUKABEL, a global manufacturer and supplier of cable, wires and accessories, recently announced that it’s added two new cable accessories to its product portfolio – the HELUTOP MS-EP5 and the Cu Grounding Strap.

The HELUTOP MS-EP5 is a fifth generation EMC gland that is used to ground a cable system and protect against EMC noise when bringing cables into panels or enclosures, while providing strain relief. The nickel-plated brass cable gland is IP68 – 5 bar rated and is cable of performing in environments that range in temperature from -40°C to +100°C. It is ideal for application areas such as manufacturing facilities, wind turbines, and railway engineering to name a few. The three main advantages when using the MS-EP5:

  • –   Maximizing the number of EMC contacts – Increasing the total contact area between the cable’s shield and gland significantly improves the EMC protection at high frequencies.
  • –   Strengthened EMC contacts – This reduces ohmic resistance, voltage drop and heat loss in applications that experience heavy mechanical stress, e.g. strong vibrations.
  • –   Flexible contact system – This prevents damage to the shield during cable installation, which could impact EMC protection.

The new Cu Grounding Strap is made from tinned copper and can be used in temperatures between -20°C to +125°C. It is ideal for eliminating EMC interference from ground loop, which can result from poor grounding in industrial applications such as the automotive industry, robotics and control panel building. It ranges in size from 10 – 4 AWG and comes in lengths between 100 and 500 mm. Additional sizes and lengths are available on request.

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