Sept 2, 2020

InvisiLED CCT Colour Temperature Adjustable TapeThe WAC Lighting InvisiLED tape is an CCT selectable tape with color consistency delivered through the power supply. It delivers up to 660 lumens/ft. with 5 CCTs from 2700 – 5000K at 95 CRI and choice of 5 wattages/outputs per foot. A UV stabilized coating protects LEDs and circuitry for long term use in damp locations with gold plated connectors for a reliable electrical connection and corrosion and heat resistance. The power supply can be remoted up to 100 feet while the tape can be cut and easily reconnected every 4 inches.

Offers matching CCT selectable power supply. Cut & reconnect every 4 inches. UV coating protects LEDs & circuitry for damp locations. Delivers up to 660 lumens/ft for entire strip. Include 3M adhesive VHB. Offers 100ft max distance. 5 CCTs. 95 CRI.


• Delivered Lumens: up to 9000lm
• 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K
• CRI: 95
• Power: 1.2W/ft, 2.4W/ft, 3W/ft, 4.6W/ft, 6.3W/ft
• Input: 24VDC
• Rated Life: 50000 Hours
• May be cut and easily reconnected every 4 inches
• Select and choose desirable CCT with matching CCT selectable power supply
• UV stabilized protective coating protects LEDs and circuitry for long term use in Damp Locations
• Connections may be separated and reconnected at each junction point
• Equal brightness for an entire light strip
• Strong adhesive bonding with the 3M adhesive VHB
• Gold plated connector protects from corrosion, heat, and ensures a reliable electrical connection
• 100ft max distance between the power supply and beginning of InvisiLED
• Can be mounted on ceiling or wall in all orientations

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