Sept 2, 2020

Lumenwerx UbikLumenwerx has announced the launch of Ubik, a new family of luminaires engineered to offer a multitude of sleek and sophisticated options for interior spaces. From linear downlighting to long linear runs to elaborate light patterns to striking corner illumination.

Ubik can pack a powerful punch of up to 1600 lm/ft. When installed with a parabolic louver optic, the luminaires have an exceptional performance of 137 lm/W. Ubik features glare reduction with an Unified Glare Rating (UGR) as low as 6, and with regard to optics, Ubik features the second generation of Wide Indirect Optic (WIO).

When it comes to design, Ubik provides a wide variety of possibilities. Balance lit and unlit areas to create contrast and drama with a chiaroscuro effect. Mix and match optics to add interest and functional diversity to spaces. Use cubes of three, six, or nine cells for anything from simple accent lighting to a powerful wall wash.

Ubik is offered in five standard lumen packages to cater to a diversity of needs.


Ubik Cube

Ubik Combination

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