Sept 16, 2020

Luxiflux® Area Exterior Lighting Calculation ToolLighting Analysts have announced the release of Luxiflux® Area, a web-based exterior lighting calculation tool.

The Luxiflux® Area tool was designed specifically for luminaire manufacturers websites. The software is used to predict luminaire or pole spacing with point-by-point results for parking lots, area lighting or wall mounted luminaires. Luxiflux® Area’s optimizing algorithms produce results across a cross section of spacings and mounting heights to help select the most cost-effective solution. Built to allow manufacturers to match their brand with logo and flexible color themes, Luxiflux Area is a tremendous value add for companies looking to supplement their web presence with calculations for browsing clients. Luxiflux® Area’s responsive design also allows mobile users’ a clean and easy to use experience. “Browsing customers can get fast answers to their lighting layout questions concerning lighting coverage and luminaire spacing in seconds, then email results to peers and clients directly from a phone or tablet in the field” says, David Speer VP Business Development for Lighting Analysts.

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