Lutron Expands Sunnata Family

LDS Lutron Sunnata fam

March 3, 2022

Lutron has expanded their Sunnata Touch Dimmer family:

Sunnata LED+

  • For superior dimming of LED, Incandescent, and Halogen lighting
  • Accessory switch provides matching look for 3-way and 4-way or works with existing mechanical switch in 3-way
  • Dimming available from main location and lights fade on/off from others
  • No neutral required

Sunnata PRO LED+

  • Phase selectable for superior dimming of ELV, MLV, LED and incandescent/Halogen lighting
  • RTISS technology reduces flickering lights by compensating in real time for incoming line voltage variations
  • Identical Companion Dimmers to dim from every location
  • Screw terminals allow for ease in wiring
  • Neutral required

Sunnata Switch

  • For non-dim applications including lighting and small motor loads
  • Companion switch provides matching look for 3-way and 4-way
  • Neutral required
  • Locator light in every location



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