M210 Label Printer by Brady

EIN Brady M210 Handheld Label Maker

May 16, 2022

Now with pre-sized labels and even more materials to take on the toughest on-site labelling jobs. With the M210 Label Printer smart automatic formatting, all you need to do is drop in a label cartridge, type and print.

Updated name.  Elevated experience. Design, create and print independently via an intuitive keypad. Reuse and adapt locally saved labels, and create from scratch with on-board label design wizards.

Label it once.  Now with both pre-sized and continuous labels in 90+ cartridges, filled to the brim with reliable, tested and dedicated label materials that stay attached and remain legible on every surface and in any environment.

Tough and easy going.  Swiftly change cartridges with a drop-lock-print system in a lightweight, 0.7kg printer that can take a 1.8m fall and shocks without blinking.

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