Intermatic Expands PANELGUARD® Industrial Surge Protection Portfolio

September 14, 2023

Intermatic Inc. has announced two new additions to its PANELGUARD® portfolio of industrial-grade surge protective devices. The customizable M Series and P Series solutions expand the company’s trusted line of high-performance SPDs and deliver up to 10 modes of protection (Type 1 and Type 2).

“Facility managers and builders trust PANELGUARD to defend their essential equipment, machinery, and electronics against business-crippling power surge events,” said Tim Butler, industrial segment manager at Intermatic. “Our new offerings build on that robust protection with customizable solutions capable of handling the most rigorous industrial and manufacturing applications.”

The Intermatic PANELGUARD+ M Series features up to 7 modes of protection and is primarily intended for major new construction and renovation projects (e.g., distribution centers, assembly plants, healthcare facilities, etc.).

Similarly, the P Series provides an elite defense against power surge issues with up to 10 modes of protection. It’s designed to meet the needs of modern industrial facilities that are sprawling in scope and have a variety of specializations. It’s ideally placed at large main entrance service panels, with supporting SPDs placed at distribution and lower-rated branches or subpanels.

“Modern industrial and manufacturing facilities invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in electrical equipment and supporting infrastructure,” added Butler “PANELGUARD+ helps ensure that investment is protected and stays in working order with a tailormade surge protection solution.”

Using the PANELGUARD configurator, customers can select from an array of customization options, including modes of protection, device format, EMI/RFI filtering, remote alarming, and more, with an incredible 160,000 unique configuration possibilities.

All PANELGUARD+ solutions are ANSI/UL1449, CSA C22.2 Compliant and assembled in the United States.

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