Shore Power is Cutting Emissions at Canadian Ports

Shore Power

November 2, 2017
Shore power technologies, also known as cold ironing and Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), enable the connection of ships in port to connect to shore side electricity to power on board services. This enables ships’ diesel generators to be switched off, thereby reducing noise and harmful emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen, sulphur, and carbon oxides.
Working closely with the MPA and several industrial partners, Cavotec supplied a mobile shore power cable management system, AMPMobile, that has been used to connect a major cruise ship to electrical power since August this year.
The unit is towed into position as required, and connects ships to shore power quickly and safely. You can see the AMPMobile unit in action at the cruise terminal here. Montreal is Canada’s second largest port, and the introduction of shore power facilities is part of a wide-ranging redevelopment programme of the port’s cruise terminal.
AMPMobile first entered service at the Port of Los Angeles in 2011, with six further units now in service in Californian, Chinese, and European ports.

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