CAF-FCA National Apprenticeship Conference: May 29-31 2022


October 15, 2021

This biennial event hosted by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) from May 29-31 in Halifax brings together members from every corner of Canada’s apprenticeship community to highlight promising practices and innovative solutions in apprenticeship training.

As a model for learning apprenticeship supports skills acquisition, personal development and industry need.  The COVID-19 pandemic has required apprenticeship stakeholders to re-evaluate and adjust.  Skilled trades employers, faced with significant future labour shortages exacerbated by the public health crisis, express a heightened need to connect with potential workers.  Young people, facing record unemployment may be reluctant to acquire significant student debt, making the paid work experience and affordable post-secondary education inherent to apprenticeship more appealing than ever.  Apprenticeship connects employers to a pool of diverse candidates including those under-represented in the skilled trades to fill their workforce requirements.

CAF-FCA is accepting presenter applications until November 5th.
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