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Jan 22, 2018

Static Electric was founded in 1976 as an electrical contracting business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a family-owned business Static Electric has steadily grown to include a full fleet of service vehicles, and in response to technological advances expanded in the early 1980s to include a networking and cabling division.

Although a small business, Static Electric operates with a large-scale mentality that puts their customers and their needs first, always ready to respond at a moment’s notice to address clients needs today and in the future.

On the electrical and maintenance side, Static provides power and lighting installations, Isolated ground and TVSS systems, project management, life and safety systems, CAD drafting services, and complete testing of all installations. Static applies its varied skills to new construction, renovation, alteration and on-going maintenance, and has a wide client base that includes financial institutions, government entities (federal, provincial, municipal), print shops, manufacturing facilities, airports, entertainment and retail complexes, office towers, and tenant spaces.

On the network and cabling side the company provides structured cabling for both data and voice applications, copper installations, fibre installations of multi-mode and single-mode cable plants, coax based cable plants, cabinet, rack and cable management installations, CAD drafting, design build, project management and full testing of all installations.

Performance and customer satisfaction is the core of Static Electric’s business model, and with that they focus on three initiatives: to be dependable, provide quality service and qualified experts. Static understands that long-term customer relationships and loyalty are essential components of success, and focus on being the first call for both clients and anyone suffering from an electrical issue. They drive this by providing prompt, courteous and professional service. With over 30 years in the industry, Static Electric has developed a reputation as a local industry leader providing competitive pricing and high installation standards that live up to their decades of premium service.

Static Electric recognizes that technology is changing fast and ensures that its staff are continuously upgrading their abilities with training and certifications that allow all members of the staff to respond and participate in any project that they are faced with.

Beyond skills training Static Electric also goes to great lengths to ensure safe work practices and believes that good safety practices are the sign of a well managed, efficient and profitable operation. In pursuit of accident prevention, the company has outlined several directives for itself and for their employees.

Company directives:

• Train all employees in good safety and health practices

• Provide necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for its use and care

• Investigate every accident, promptly and thoroughly, to find out what caused it and to correct the problem so that it won’t happen again

Employee directives:

• Carry out their activities in the most knowledgeable and safest manner thereby avoiding injury to themselves or fellow employees

• To point out unsafe conditions and acts

• To use all devices and wear all articles of clothing and personal protective equipment specified in the company Safety Rules, Safe Job procedures and the Workplace Safety and Health Act

Static Electric is a member of the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba and the Manitoba Electrical league. Find out more:

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