Greenlee G-Series Smart Pull Cable Tension Monitoring System

July 27, 2016

Greenlee has developed the patent-pending G-Series Smart Pull, a real time cable pulling monitoring system that alerts contractors when a cable pull has met or is exceeding the amount of tension recommended by the cable manufacturer. This saves contractors time and money by avoiding overstretching the cable leading to faulty cable installation.

“We’ve learned that an overstretched cable can lead to diminished transmission capabilities and even a potential fire hazard,” says Sumeet Pujari, Greenlee Project Manager – Pulling + Fishing. “We also found that an overstretched cable can be costly to a contractor if a pull has to be reworked.”

The new Greenlee Smart Pull alerts the user when pulling force exceeds 80% of the cable’s limit. Physical, visual, and auditory warnings allow the worker to take action before the cable is damaged. A second alert is given when the pulling force has met 100% of the manufacturer’s recommended tension limit. The smart pull has an accuracy of +/- 2% up to a load limit of 10,000 pounds (44.48 kN). Information obtained during the pull is stored directly onto the smart pull’s 128MB of onboard memory. Pull data can be seamlessly exported via the onboard USB port or emailed directly through the PullCalc app.

“This proof of work helps contractors to avoid liability and provides building engineers with documentation that the cable was pulled to specification,” adds Pujari.

A modern touch screen interface makes the Smart Pull easy to operate. The on-screen prompts make setup simple, and the unit is equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing connection to Greenlee’s PullCalc app. This application monitors pull force, speed, and distance in real time. An external USB port exports files in .CSV format. Files can also be transferred to the mobile app and emailed to other stakeholders.

The smart pull is compatible with rope sizes up to 7/8-inch diameter. The five-roller design holds the rope in place and maintains consistency to the sensor, eliminating the need to specify rope diameter. The smart pull operates on the 18V Makita battery platform, and is compatible with 1.5Ah to 5Ah batteries. A single 5Ah battery will run for 20 uninterrupted hours.

The lightweight skeletal design and roll handles make this device easy to handle on the jobsite. The product comes in a carrying case with mounting hardware, battery and charger. It is compatible with the existing Greenlee Mobile VersiBoom II and floor mounts.

The Greenlee Smart Pull is available exclusively at the following distributors:

• A.A. Casey Co.
• California Service Too
• Colonial Electric Supply
• Contractors Choice, Inc.
• Crawford Electric Supply
• Electrical Engineering & Equipment Company
• Fasteners Inc. Southwestern Supply
• Kovalsky-Carr Electric Supply Co Inc.
• Lumen
• McNaughton-McKay Electric Company
• Platt Electric Supply
• Total Tool Supply, Inc.
• Von Rohr Equipment Corporation


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