The Presto Hubbell Introduces New Family of tradeSELECT Metal Device Boxes with Presto Cable Clamps

Hubbell Trade Select (Product)


September 01 2016

Cable clamp simplifies cable insertion in the electrical box by eliminating the need to remove the knockouts as well as the need to fasten the clamp screws. This feature also substantially improves the speed of installation.
The new self-gripping cable clamp design removes any risk of arc fault or short circuit caused by over-tightening of metal clamps, thereby eliminating call backs. The clamp has been uniquely designed to enable the cable to be readjusted or removed after insertion from inside or outside the box. 

Finally, the absence of the metal clamp creates additional usable space inside the box that facilitates ease of wiring and accommodates larger devices.
For a limited time only and while quantities last, a free t-shirt will be included in each case of 50 tradeSELECT Metal Device Boxes with Presto Cable Clamps purchased

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