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EIN Honeywell CLSS Pathway

September 29, 2022

The Future of Fire Alarm Communications is Here

Honeywell Fire is proud to announce the latest addition to their lineup of fire alarm communicators with the availability of the CLSS Pathway (HW-AV-LTE-M). The Honeywell CLSS Pathway combines dialer capture functionality with the powerful capabilities of Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Cloud offering the latest in alarm communications technology for the fire industry. The CLSS Pathway utilizes the future-ready LTE-M network, offers dual support for both AT&T and Verizon networks in one radio and even includes the first year of cellular service for free. 

The CLSS Pathway features:

  • Dual SIM automatically picks the strongest signal from AT&T or Verizon networks for ultimate redundancy and reliability
  • LTE-M network is 5G ready for deep signal penetration inside buildings
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary or backup path communications
  • Universal fire alarm control panel (FACP) compatibility and direct power from 24-volt FACP
  • Enclosure kit also available (HW-AV-ENC)

Plus, with the built-in CLSS functionality, users can:

  • Manage all accounts with a “bird’s eye” view from the CLSS mobile app or the web
  • Diagnose before dispatch with real-time event generation
  • Provide end users with event alerts and multi-site asset information

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